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Urgent production 

Pipe couplings and repair clamps

    Contact us if your order is urgent.  We will help you to solve the problem ASAP. We will produce industrial fittings on the same day. The estimated time is 5+ hours, depending on the complexity of the order. We will make couplings and repair clamps of different sizes urgently.

For urgent orders call tel:  8-800-250-70-93 and tell us what you need to fix the break.

By request, we can offer a delivery option to your destination.

High Quality 

Domestic Production 

Reasonable Prices 

We guarantee high quality for all urgent orders of industrial fittings. You will get reliable and compliant products. We recommend dispatching your transport to Togliatti ASAP to save time. By the time it arrives, we start urgent manufacturing of pipe couplings, tapping tee, repair clamps, universal coupling, flange adaptor, etc. No extra charges for urgency. After agreeing all details and production time, we invoice you. 


We work in Russia and CIS - we ship to any region 


We solve problems. 

Accident: Break in pipes DN 400 and DN 700 in Republic of Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny

Urgent order:

Stainless steel Repair Clamp VZPA RH-2 OD=420-440 L=400 DN=400

Stainless steel Repair Clamp VZPA RH-2 OD=710-730 L=600 DN=700

Авария на трубопроводе в преддверии Ураза Байрам  

About accident:

On June 14, 2018 our client from Naberezhnye Chelny called early in the morning. The accident involved broken pipes DN 400 and DN 700. Moreover, the next day was a religious holiday in the Republic of Tatarstan. After the call, the order went into production, the client sent his transport. When the truck arrived in about 5 hours, the ordered repair clamps were ready. Later, we received a phone call with the words of gratitude. 


Accident: Large break on the DN 500 pipe in Irkutsk

Urgent order:

Stainless steel Repair Clamp VZPA RH-2 OD=520-540 L=1000 DN=500

Stainless steel Repair Clamp VZPA RH-2 OD=520-540 L=400 DN=500

Срочная доставка ремонтных хомутов авиадоставкой

About accident:

On 1.10.2021, we received a call from Irkutsk. There was a large break in the water supply pipe DN 500 and the local operator had to disconnect a large number of consumers. The situation required an urgent solution. Our client asked for the air shipping. Based on mutual trust without prepayment, we started production of clamps. We received payment next morning and the goods were ready for shipment. The air shipping worked well. Our client repaired the breakdown and renewed water supply for homes and businesses.



Our clients are water and pipeline service providers and companies. We understand the urgency in case of serious emergencies and accidents.


Call our phone: 8-800-250-70-93, describe your problem and we will offer a solution. 

We can ship any region. Conditions are negotiated individually.